Sarie Khalid

Sarie Khalid is a U4 student currently pursuing degrees in Economics, Political Science and Islamic Studies. An Indian-Pakistani by heritage, Sarie specializes in Middle Eastern and South Asian politics, international security, geo-economics and energy markets.

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Senior Editors

Shirley Wang

Shirley Wang is a U3 student currently pursuing majors in Political Science as well as Microbiology and Immunology. Hailing from Brampton, ON., her interests lie in Asia Pacific geopolitics, American foreign policy, gender and IR, and global health. In her spare time, Shirley can be found on the volleyball court or tucked in bed with a good book.

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Alec Regino

Alec Regino is a U3 student currently pursuing a degree in Sociology and History. Originally from the Philippines, he has a keen interest in immigration policy, Asia Pacific geopolitics, and the dynamics of ethnicity/race, class, and gender in society. When he's not writing for MIR, Alec is usually studying in McLennan or baking cookies.

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Media Team Director

Camille Point

Camille Point is a U2 student currently pursuing a degree in English and Communication Studies. In particular, her interests include exploring the relationship between media and cultural studies, especially discourse surrounding gender politics and feminist activism. While away from her MIR duties, Camille can be found going grocery shopping for bread or running around with a tripod.

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Team Amanpour Editors

Steven Polyakov

Hailing from Massachusetts, Steven is in his final year pursuing an honours degree in Political Science. His interests include post-Soviet transitions and Middle Eastern politics, specifically as related to sectarian conflicts fueled by proxy wars. Steven is also very passionate about tracking U.S. congressional races. He looks forward to a great publishing year at MIR and to create an environment…

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Nathan Lautens

Nathan is a U3 students currently pursuing a degree in Economics & Political Science. He has a keen interest in economic policy and international trade. Originally from Toronto, he thinks that this might finally be the year for the Toronto Maple Leafs (please guys). You can catch him most Thursdays working at BdA!

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Isabel Post

Isabel Post is a U3 Political Science student with a double minor in Russian and Psychology. Having spent considerable time in the former Soviet Union, she is most interested in post-Communist political and economic transition in Eurasia, especially concerning ethnic minorities. In her free time, Isabel enjoys long bike rides, arts and crafts, and 90's sitcoms.

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Andrew Figueiredo

Andrew Figueiredo is a Third Year student Majoring in Honors International Development Studies with a Minor in History. Andrew is originally from Kansas and both lives and breathes politics. His specialties include American politics, Canadian politics, European elections, and populist movements. In his dwindling free time, Andrew is an avid reader.

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Team Bass Editors

Selene Coiffard-D'Amico

Selene is currently pursuing a degree in Economics and Philosophy and comes from a multicultural and multilingual background. In addition to her fields of study, she is passionate about History and Biology because of the roles they play in understanding ourselves and others.

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Pauline Werner

Pauline Werner is a U4 student pursuing degrees in political science and economics with a minor in Spanish. She specializes in migration and immigration, US politics, and international organizations, and is not in Kansas anymore.

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Koji Shiromoto

Koji is a U4 student pursuing a Joint Honours degree in Economics and Political Science with a minor in German Language. He specializes in the politics of Japan and the European Union, and is close to having visited every metro station in Montreal.

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Catharina O'Donnell

Catharina is a third year student studying political science and sociology. She is particularly interested in political behaviour and Canadian and European politics.

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Team Cooper Editors

Luca Brown

Luca Brown is a U2 student currently pursuing a degree in political science. He specializes in American and Canadian politics, international institutions, and trends of wealth inequality. He also thinks he's a better cook than he actually is.

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Helena Martin

Helena Martin is a U2 student currently studying Political Science, the French Language, and Economics. Having grown up in different countries, she is fascinated by the government and law processes (particularly immigration policies) of various states. She also specializes in Asia Pacific politics. In her spare time, Helena is happily sipping tea while caring for her many house plants.

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Christopher Ciafro

Christopher Ciafro is an honours political science student at McGill University and Montréal native. He has experience working in the Canadian civil service, and a certificate in International Conflict Studies from SciencesPo Paris. If he ever goes missing, you can probably find him at the nearest piano, playing Italian folk songs.

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Allegra Mendelson

Allegra Mendelson is a third year student currently pursuing a double major in Economics and World Religions. She specializes in articles relating to Southeast Asia, particularly Myanmar, the international refugee regime, democratization, and the interrelation of religion and politics. She is passionately averse to anything orange.

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Team Douek Editors

John Weston

John Weston is a U3 student pursuing an Honours in Political Science with a minor in Linguistics. His interests include comparative politics in North America, Europe, and the Middle-East, but also security and migration/refugee issues. In his spare time you can find him procrastinating on writing papers by getting distracted over something he found on the news.

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Gracie Webb

Gracie is a 3rd year student pursuing a Joint Honours degree in Political Science and World Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. She specializes in American and Middle Eastern politics, with a focus on Turkey. Her personal ambition is to adopt three beagles and name them Ruth, Bader, and Ginsburg.

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Asma Saad

Asma is a third year student pursuing a double major in Political Science and International Development, with a minor in German Language. She is primarily interested in Middle Eastern and North African politics. This region impassions her for its rich history, its relevance in many global contemporary topics, and for the interesting interconnection between the countries as one event in a country…

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Alexandra Yiannoutsos

Alexandra Yiannoutsos is a U3 student pursuing a joint degree in political science and economics. She specializes in African politics and women's issues. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering at a local daycare.

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Team Lamar Editors

Kody Crowell

Kody is an M2 student studying epidemiology and public health. Although his primary research focus is on food environments, his interests also cover data science, health policy, and the social and environmental determinants of health. When not working, Kody enjoys reading, cooking, and drinking too much coffee.

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Hannah Judelson-Kelly

Hannah Judelson-Kelly is a U1 student currently pursuing a degree in Political Science and Economics. She specializes in North American and European Politics, and is very passionate about topic surrounding gender equality.

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Team Gary Editors

Lou Bianchi

Lou Bianchi is a 3rd year student currently pursuing a degree in Political Science, International Development and History. She specializes in European politics, popular movements and analyzing political cultures.

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Laura Millo

Laura is a U3 student pursuing an Honours program in Political Science and two minors, one in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, and the other in International Development. Within MIR, she is an editor for the European Review. Most of her articles written for several journals have focused on the Middle East and France.

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Charles Lepage

Charles is a U3 History/Political Science student. He focuses on International Relations and Québec politics.

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Social Media Head

Artemis Archimandriti

Artemis is a U3 student, currently pursuing a major in Political Science, and minors in Philosophy and Russian. She specializes in international cultural and social affairs.

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