MIR Journal Archives

Our sister publication, the Flux: International Relations Review is a peer-reviewed academic journal, run by undergraduate students at McGill University, which publishes student international relations research at the end of the fall and winter semesters.

Prior to 2018, both MIR and Flux operated under the same name, with the MIR Print Journal releasing an issue annually. In 2018, the two wings of the publications split into the McGill International Review (Online), the online news outlet, and Flux: International Relations Review, the undergraduate academic journal. As of 2018-2019, Flux is published in the fall and winter semester. Archives of Flux can be found on McGill’s Open Journal System.

Archives of the MIR Journal

MIR: Volume I | Issue I | 2011MIR: Volume II | Issue III | 2013
MIR: Volume VI | Issue I | 2016

MIR: Volume II | Issue II | 2012MIR: Volume III | Issue I | 2014

MIR: Volume VII | Issue I | 2017

MIR: Volume VII | Issue II | 2018