Welcome to Loon Calls



Welcome to Loon Calls, the McGill International Review’s blog on Canadian politics!

Why Canada? 

While Canada and its politics may be less “interesting” than those of most of the rest of the world, it is still an important place to follow. What happens in Canada affects us directly. Canada has never been more important in international politics. With its strong democracy and open, multicultural society, Canada is a model for the world. As well, Canada’s vast reserves of natural resources, and its strategic position controlling vast Arctic territories, means that international interest in Canada has never been higher.

Yet, Canada faces many challenges. The rapid changes imposed by climate change, the environment and the shift in global power away from the United States mean that Canada’s foreign relations have never been more complicated or more important. Domestically, federalism, rapid cultural and economic change and the relationships between Canada’s varied peoples will test Canada’s strength as a nation today and in the future.

What is Loon Calls’ goal?


Loon Calls hopes to bring Canadian politics into focus with a wide variety of ideological and social perspectives, to match Canada’s stunning diversity. The loon, as one of Canada’s national symbols, has a number of different calls; this blog hopes to emulate that proud animal.

For this reason, Loon Calls has four bloggers, each taking different perspectives. Jimmy Gutman is associated with the NDP, and will focus on issues relating to social justice and politics in Canada. Cole Bricker is a member of the Conservative Party, and will focus on Canadian politics, especially Canadian foreign policy. Leon Thompson is a law student at the University of Saskatchewan. He was the co-chair of the 2013 Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs summer conference on Indigenous issues, and was involved in the Idle No More movement. Amanda Bruce is a self-described “conservative feminist” and McGill student. Each blogger will provide sources in their pieces, to allow readers to expand their knowledge with more in-depth reading.

Thank you for following, and enjoy reading Loon Calls.


-Jimmy Gutman, Cole Bricker, Leon Thompson and Amanda Bruce