Want to contribute?

The McGill International Review is always accepting contributions from non-staff members throughout the year. Our contributors range from university professors to students from all over the globe, publishing in both English and French. 

How it works:  

We collect pitch submissions on a weekly basis, with every Friday at noon being the recurring deadline. Pitches submitted after this deadline will roll over to the next week. 

MIR does consider complete drafts, but let us know if the article has been published on another website or journal. Written articles must follow our Style Guide to be considered, and the basic guidelines below still apply as you submit your pitch.

Once you submit your pitch, you will be considered for publication, and contacted by the Contributor Section within the week to begin the writing and publishing process.

Basic Guidelines


We at the MIR focus on articles relating to international issues, and examining the connections and trends that stretch across the globe. However, we are always happy to work with writers looking to cover topics that receive less attention. Here are a few areas we would definitely like to see more of:  

  • Current affairs (e.g. Brexit, US elections) 
  • Region-specific affairs (e.g. Mediterranean, West Africa)
  • Scientific developments and their impact on the international community
  • New global economic relationships

MIR is committed to amplifying the voices of those who do not always have a space to talk about their experiences. We encourage any and all BIPOC writers looking to share their perspectives to consider the MIR a platform for those thoughts.

Submit Your Pitch


Still have questions about contribution? Email

Our regular staff consists of graduate and undergraduate students at McGill University from a variety of academic disciplines. Students who wish to apply to join our staff as a writer, editor, or member of our media team should follow us on our Facebook page for more updates. We recruit at the beginning of every fall and winter semester.

If you have any questions on the application process, please message us on Facebook or send us an email at