American Haste to Come to Canada: The Truth of the Process

With the results of the American elections last Tuesday, many Americans are claiming they have decided to immigrate to Canada. The office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) website was even reported to have crashed following election day. One could easily understand why there is such haste to leave the US, but its citizens suddenly realised the immigration process is not that simple.

The foundation of immigration: paperwork.
The foundation of immigration: paperwork.

Canadian immigrants must have laughed at the assumption that it is easy to immigrate into the country — I know I did. Upon discovering the immigration processes on the CIC website, Americans suddenly realised that immigrating into the country is a long and stressful process. Although Americans can enter Canada without a visa and stay for 180 days, they are not permitted to work, which makes it difficult to live in another country. They may only immigrate if they have a temporary work or study permit, a family sponsors their entry, or they claim refugee status. Furthermore, it’s a constant process of paperwork, office visits, and renewing your status. The experience is stressful and troubling, so if you truly want to come to Canada, you better be ready for the process.

The fear and anxiety that Americans feel right now are valid, especially for visible minorities. In a fight or flight response, some would rather solve their problems by leaving the country. However, immigration is not something to be taken lightly; it’s difficult, stressful, and frustrating. If you’re prepared for all of these things, have done thorough research, and have truly decided that coming to Canada is the best option, then come cross the border for good. After all, we are known for being welcoming for newcomers, as long as they’ve fulfilled all the paperwork.