Blackout: Censorship in Vietnam

In Vietnam, where freedom of expression is a “national security issue,” the government actively suppresses journalists and bloggers for expressing their opinions against the current administration.

In this episode of Blackout, MIR Editor-in-Chief Alec Regino and Creative & Media Director Camille Point explore the rising role of local bloggers in advocating for democracy and press freedom in authoritarian Vietnam.


In the series Blackout, the McGill International Review scrutinizes the state of democracy and censorship in countries all across the globe. Join our staff as we speak with journalists, professors, bloggers, and activists to learn more about justice and freedom of speech.


Filmed by Camille Point and Alec Regino
Edited by Camille Point
Interviews by Camille Point and Alec Regino
Narrated by Alec Regino
Translations by Camille Point

Special thanks to Vietnamplify for their support and assistance in the making of this video.