Blackout: Professor Kai Ostwald on Myanmar’s Democratic Challenges

In this edition of Blackout, writer Cesar Ramirez speaks with Kai Ostwald, Assistant Professor and Director of UBC’s Centre for Southeast Asia Research, about Myanmar’s transition to democracy and future challenges.

Assistant Professor Kai Ostwald at McGill University. Photo by MIR.

This interview was recorded during the 2019 Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies conference on October 25 in Montreal, Canada. Special thanks to Erik Kuhonta of the Southeast Asian Studies department and the Institute for the Study of International Development at McGill University for arranging the interview.

In the series Blackout, the McGill International Review scrutinizes the state of democracy and censorship in countries all across the globe. Join our staff as we speak with journalists, professors, bloggers, and activists to learn more about justice and freedom of speech.


The introduction was taken from a speech by Aung San Suu Kyi uploaded by Radio Free Asia abiding with their terms of use

This podcast was edited by Alec Regino.