How Will Brussels Attacks Influence the US Election?

Cassidy-Brussels-Attack-On-All-of-Europe-1200The Daesh-led terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium have caused worldwide panic, with 34 deaths and 330 injuries according to the latest updates from the BBC. Since the November 2015 attacks in Paris, Public Radio International reports that there have been “hundreds of terrorist attacks”. Understandably, this has caused immense anxiety – as most university students can remember 9/11, terrorist attacks are among one of our worst fears (myself most certainly included). However, US Presidential candidates have to respond to these anxieties with diplomacy and instill a sense of security in the American people. Or do they?

When the Paris attacks occurred in November, you may recall that the candidate field was much larger – candidates had to stand out from one another. It was around this time that Donald Trump began to really vamp up his rhetoric to a new level. Remember this video?


With each subsequent Daesh-conducted attack, Trump and his base appear to become more enthusiastic about, yes, “bombing the shit out of ISIS”. Along with their unending verbal threats to American Muslims and refugees, other Republicans have made it clear that they see Islamism and Islam as one and the same. It baffles me how they can’t wrap their minds around the fact that they are only encouraging acts of terrible violence. On the other side of the spectrum, Democrats like myself continue to call for tolerance and acceptance of Muslims. Though I earnestly believe we are right, these drastic differences only cause greater cleavages between the two parties. Ultimately, it seems that the Brussels attacks will continue the seemingly unending circle of violence from Daesh – they take violent measures, the West bashes their faith and culture, and they retaliate with more violence. Attacks such as these will only fuel far-right Trump supporters and that is a terrifying thought; how far can they go?

With 226 days until the election,

Phoebe Warren