LIVE BLOG: 2019 Canadian Federal Elections

Follow the McGill International Review as we provide live updates on the 2019 Canadian federal elections right here on our website.

The liveblog has ended.

  • We’re officially signing off for the night. Thanks for following our coverage of the 2019 Canadian Federal Elections. As of 12:20 AM, the seat count are as follows:

    Liberal Party: 140 elected MPs, leading in 16 ridings.
    Conservative Party: 115 elected MPs, leading in 6 ridings.
    Bloc Québécois: 30 elected MPs, leading in 2 ridings.
    New Democratic Party: 21 elected MPs, leading in 4 ridings.
    Green Party: 3 elected MPs.
    Plus 1 independent leading (Jody Wilson-Raybould in Vancouver Granville).

    We are undoubtedly heading for a minority government.

  • Jagmeet Singh has won his seat in Burnaby South.

  • So far, here are the results of the elections according to the CBC.

    Liberal Party: 117 elected seats, leading in 41 seats.
    Conservative Party: 106 elected seats, leading in 15 seats.
    New Democratic Party: 10 elected seats, leading in 14 seats.
    Bloc Québécois: 26 elected seats, leading in 6seats.
    Green Party: 2 elected seats, leading in 1 seats.

  • Elizabeth May has won her seat in Saanich—Gulf Islands.

  • So far, here are the results of the elections according to the CBC.

    Liberal Party: 97 elected seats, leading in 57 seats.
    Conservative Party: 84 elected seats, leading in 35 seats.
    New Democratic Party: 5 elected seats, leading in 20 seats.
    Bloc Québécois: 21 elected seats, leading in 14 seats.
    Green Party: 1 elected seats, leading in 2 seats.

  • Jenica Atwin of the Green Party has won in Frederickton, according to the CBC.

  • Maxime Bernier has lost his seat in Beauce. Beauce was the only seat that the People’s Party had a projected chance of winning in.

  • Justin Trudeau has won his seat in Papineau.

  • Andrew Scheer has been re-elected for his seat in Regina—Qu’Appelle.

  • Yves-François Blanchet has won the seat of Beloeil—Chambly.

  • The CBC has called the election for the Liberal Party. They will potentially form a minority government.