MCMUN 2018: The Greek Debt Crisis

Greece is a country well-known for its rich history and contributions to Western culture, economy, and politics; but after two days and a half of discussing it, I believe it is important to remember that Greece is not a country of the past. Greek heroes aren’t limited to the pages of ancient paper rolls chock full of mythical romanticism. The Greek population will recover from this crisis, and in any event, one can only admire a population that, despite an increasingly difficult challenge, has not lost its historic traditional values. An important question to ask is ‘How long can it last?’ It would be a Shakespearean tragedy if the country that invented democracy were to slide into anarchy because of sloppy state debt reimbursement policies.

This committee has seen many passionate and moving speeches from its leaders. Although negotiation talks were an important aspect of the committee, the notes between delegates in-and-out of the crisis room were the backbone of this committee’s never-ending dramatics. From blatant corruption to casual drug trades, to a classic proletariat AAA movement to attempting to blow up buildings, this committee was everything but boring.

Note from Delegate to Crisis asking to begin a drug trade to counteract unemployment

These sorts of events are native to a committee crisis, but it was a privilege o see such ambitious motions unfold.

This committee is made up of an overwhelmingly North American delegation who have done nothing but show the utmost respect for Greece and its dire situation. They have done an exquisite job in debating the key motions needed in a Crisis committee. Due to their external relation to the issue, the arguments presented in motions are woven with objective viewpoints (with respect to their roles in the committee of course). Additionally, it is worth applauding the delegates for knowing when to be serious and when to take their roles light-heartedly. The chair of this event, Mark LeBeau, as well as the Vice Chair Amanda Hills, have done an absolutely brilliant job in managing the committee despite all of the turbulent turn of events. The Greek Debt Crisis is one of the strongest committees that MCMUN has ever hosted.

Edited by Sarie Khalid

All pictures by Mary Thieffry