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Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in McMUN2016 |

McParté: unmoderated and unforgettable

McParté: unmoderated and unforgettable

Having a chance to take a break from the hectic atmosphere of Model UN, delegates seized on the opportunity to experience one of Montreal’s prime venues with their new-found friends.

Felicia - McParty

Inside, participants moved through a maze of stairs, coat check, and security before finally being presented with a sight that made it all worth it. A sea of delegates, staffers, and secretariat illuminated only by the flashing lights coming from the stage. The DJ wasted no time in bringing out the bangers, making sure that the energy never dropped below optimal.

Flanked by CO2 cannons, the crowd went wild when the secretariat came on stage to celebrate with everyone involved in McMUN 2016. Armed with large bottles of an impressive assortment of liquors, the secretariat made sure to live up to McParté’s famed reputation. Anyone standing near the stage was guaranteed to get some form of alcohol poured into their mouths as the secretariat danced the night away. That being said, odds were high that most of it would end up more on one’s shirt than in one’s mouth!IMG_5697 (1)

The highlight of the night had to be the intense sing-a-longs to songs like “Sorry” and “Hello”, as it felt like the entire building was on the same page. With the competitive nature of MUN set aside, all that was left was for the delegates to celebrate the weekend with all the people they had met from around the world. In essence, McParté captured the greater theme of Model UN, one of respect, friendship, and diversity. The long-awaited party lived up to the enormous expectations and solidified McMUN in the memories of everyone who had the pleasure of attending it.

Photo credits to McMUN/Felicia Chang

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