New Hampshire Primary Results – What Now?

Well, we can officially count on not hearing about New Hampshire for the next four years! The first place winners of last night’s New Hampshire Primary were not surprising. Bernie Sanders (60.4% of Democrats) and Donald Trump (35.3% of Republicans) had been leading in the polls for weeks.

As Hillary Clinton is the only other Democrat left running, she came in second place with 38.0% of the Democratic vote. It’s a bit trickier with the Republicans – due to the large number of candidates, the next largest percentage of the vote was 15.8%. You may think it was Cruz, possibly Rubio if he got lucky. None of the above – it was Ohio Governor John Kasich. Kasich hasn’t been on the radars of any political commentators (nor myself) due to his low national polling. It would appear that while Trump dominated this primary, some New Hampshire voters wanted to find a GOP moderate in the midst of the other xenophobic candidates.

I love making these tombstones
I love making these tombstones

Just a few minutes ago, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina announced she will exit the

Republican presidential race after failing to win a single delegate last night. NPR also claims that Chris Christie too will announce the end of his campaign at some point today. I would assume that we will see the same from Ben Carson, but there has yet to be any news.

With Iowa and New Hampshire finished, we turn our attention to the rest of the nation. The South Carolina Republican primary and Nevada Democratic caucuses both take place on February 20th, while the Neva Republican caucuses occur on February 23rd and the South Carolina Democratic primary on February 27th. Until then, we can expect to see intense campaigning in these two states but most likely nothing different than what we have already seen. It’s time for a scandal, I say!

With 271 days to the election,

Phoebe Warren