Port of Solidarity: A Day With Solidarians in Athens


MIR is pleased to present Port of Solidarity, an exclusive documentary by our own Rosa Rupert on the current state of Greek society, nine years after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis devastated the country’s economy. Through interviews with members of the Greek solidarity movement in Athens’ port neighbourhood Piraeus, she illuminates the ways in which civil society groups stepped up in the wake of the crisis to provide for the poor, homeless and unemployed from all walks of life…And did so again in the summer of 2015 when the refugees came. “We all have the same needs. There’s no difference between hungry people; whether they are Greeks, or refugees, or migrants who came here 20 years ago, there’s really no distinction.” Thank you to Solidarity Piraeus Αλληλεγγύη Πειραιά for their generous participation in this important project.


Directed and Edited by Rosa Rupert

Produced by Benjamin Aloi (Media Team Leader) & Dylan Lamberti (Editor-in-Chief, MIR Online)

Music: “Bed” by Jazzhar, from 4 Naked Songs 4 Autumn Rainy Days (freemusicarchive)