Post-Caucus Complications (and a Bernie Bros Rant)

We all knew that the Iowa Caucuses would be important, but did any of us expect this much drama from Iowa? Land of corn and happy pigs? February 1st marked an important step towards the finish line, albeit still a far-away finish line.

Ultimately, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton have been declared the winners of the caucuses – Cruz with 27.65% of Republican votes (out of 12 people on the ballot) and Clinton with 49.86% of the Democrat votes (out of 3 people on the ballot). Cruz won relatively easily, with Trump coming in second place at 24.31%. However, the real upset of the night was among Democrats – Clinton won by a staggeringly small number, with a margin of victory of only 0.29% between herself and Sanders. Sanders and his supporters are calling for the release of the raw vote count, showing that perhaps they suspect some foul-play to have occurred. The Des Moines Register is also calling for an audit of the results for the Democrat caucuses.

I think Sanders’ supporters are being sore losers, to be quite frank. Time and time again, a small percentage of Sanders supporters, who the Internet knows as the Bernie Bros, cry wolf against the political system they want to dismantle with their revolution. No, Hillary did not win the caucuses by cheating with coin flips. No, I am not voting for Hillary Clinton because I am a woman. No, I am not feeling the Bern nor will I feel the Bern unless he becomes the Democratic candidate for the general election. Rant over, I’ll move on.

Due to poor performance and their failure to attract voters resulted in Democratic Governor of Maryland

They did their best.
They did their best.

Martin O’Malley, Republican Senator for Kentucky Rand Paul, and former Republican Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee dropping out of the race. Farewell, comrades. The New Hampshire primaries are in five days time and we can (most likely) expect to say goodbye to more of our friends at that time.

With 277 days until the election,

Phoebe Warren