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Posted by on Jan 23, 2015 in McGill Model UN |

Staff Cocktail

Staff Cocktail

On the night of the 22nd on the 37th floor of Centre Sheraton, the staff cocktail night was in full swing. Overcrowded – perhaps; infused with energy – certainly. This event brought together McMUN staffers to network, make friends, and engage in intellectually stimulating (and lubricated) conversation. Its well attendance was not unsurprising.

By midnight, as curtains of professional sobriety were being withdrawn, we decided that it would be an opportune time to visit a couple of attendees to hear about their experiences with McMUN and their hopes for the rest of the conference.

Yasmin and Muhammad, who work for the Delegate Resource Centre, found the conference hectic but thoroughly enjoyable. It was a good opportunity to meet new people from around the globe. Yasmin was proud of McGill’s achievements, and the praised the sophistication of the conference. Both staffers were already eagerly looking forward to McParte, which takes place Saturday night.

Committee director for the Third Communist International, Jacklyn Chan, said that her hybrid committee, which is an economic and social council, was dramatic and entertaining. Each delegate represented a communist leader, and together, they aimed to take down Capitalism. Jacklyn said that she was looking forward to the crisis session the most.

Yakau and Sarah, crisis staffers for the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General, found their committee intense and engaging. Only fifteen staffers took part in their committee, giving them a chance to make some very good friends. They said that they were most proud of the success of their delegates. Yakau and Sarah were most excited about the pub crawl this weekend.

Mahathi, who worked for the International Atomic Energy Agency, loved her small committee. She thoroughly enjoyed the heated and politically insightful debates on nuclear energy. Contrary to her expectations, the delegates were more independent this year and did not form groups easily. She is most looking forward to the last day of McMUN, when her committee will bring out the resolutions.

Sam Gregory, chief of staff for McMUN, said that his favourite part was coordinating and working with the multiple staffing departments. He is very proud of his team since everything at McMUN has run smoothly so far. He is most excited about Pub Crawl.

Overall, the night turned out to be exciting, and was a night of “young diplomacy and old friends”. Although we may have missed out on the wine, we learned some interesting things from the staff members who so passionately worked to make this evening possible for McMUN 2015.

By Soham Chinta & Myra Sivaloganathan

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