The Beginnings of (Im)Migration

A new place, new people, and a new life: these are the things that immigrants, migrant workers, and refugees yearn for. People decide to uproot their lives for a variety of reasons. Some move in search for economic wealth, others for safety, and some just to change their environment. Whatever the reasons or goals may be, immigration involves a lot of political and cultural hurdles which can be difficult to overcome.

Waiting to get through airport security is no easy task.
Waiting to get through airport security is no easy task.

With that in mind, this blog aims to put a spotlight on immigration, refugee, and migrant workers’ issues. I believe this is an important area to discuss because in our ever-globalising world, it is inevitable that one would encounter refugees, immigrants, or migrant workers. To those who do not need to immigrate, it is easy to overlook their problems and dismiss them as “simply a matter of adjustment.” These problems are real, pressing, and difficult, not only for immigrants themselves, but also for the government that handles them.

On a more personal note, I have chosen to write this blog because this is an issue I am currently facing. As a high school student, I had to move to two different countries with contradicting perspectives on immigration: one was fairly open to immigrants, while the other was much more conservative. Currently, I have been having issues with the extensive bureaucratic process Canada has in place for obtaining a study permit. Not only does the process take much longer than it should, but one has little power to expedite the paperwork; it’s all a waiting game. My personal experiences with migration have been real and challenging, thus leading me to sympathise with those who also face adversity and challenges when moving to other countries. With this blog, I hope to be able to voice not only my views, but also the issues that those without a platform cannot express. An increased awareness could be the first step to solving these pressing matters.