Weekly Roundup: January 10

A new semester for The McGill International Review, but the world keeps on turning. Starting this semester, the editorial board will be posting a weekly roundup of what we publish, to help readers stay up-to-date. This week:

  • On “Ibn Khaldun,” has Turkey’s “Zero Problems with Neighbours” policy worked, or do they now just have zero neighbours without problems? Benedikt van den Woldenberg explains.
  • Nationalism and conflict is on the rise in East Asia. What explains this worrying development? Tiffany Lam on our East Asia blog, “Kan Ke”, breaks this down.
  • Canada will see three elections this year (at least); Tshweu Moleme gives us a run-down on the upcoming Toronto mayoral, Ontario provincial, and federal elections.
  • Lester B. Pearson is commonly considered to be the Father of Peacekeeping, as well as one of the greatest Prime Ministers in Canadian history. How does our current government stack up? According to Nicholas D’Ascanio, not well. Part one of two on the issue.