Weekly Roundup: March 14

Tom Gill via Flickr
Tom Gill via Flickr

March is in full swing and exams are coming. This roundup has a full two weeks of incisive and intriguing writing from the McGill International Review. Check it out!

  • While Thailand’s ongoing political crisis seems to be de-escalating, fears of a military coup are disappearing as well. Still, Thailand’s history is rife with military intervention in politics.
  • Rio de Janeiro’s Special Operations Battalion (BOPE) is supremely effective at its job, and known for vicious human rights abuses. Can it be reformed? Should it?
  • Western NGOs played an important role in serving the Palestinian refugee population. Yet, do they play a positive or negative role? In trying to fight oppression, do they reinforce it? Part 1 of 4.
  • Hearings for the Fair Elections Act heat up with testimony from Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer, Marc Mayrand.
  • MIR had an exclusive interview with Kapil Kapoor, Director of Strategy at the African Development Bank (AfDB), following McGill’s “Africa: The Next Generation” conference.
  • A philosophical discussion: do the wealthy countries and people of the world have a responsibility to equalize the world’s income? Check it out!

Keep on reading the McGill International Review, and thanks!