Welcome to MIR Online: 2016-2017

The next 12 months hold a number of events and challenges that will shape the course of history. In North America and Europe, nationalism and isolationism are on the rise. Conflict in the Middle East continues, with the ramifications from Turkey’s coup and the future of both Syria and Yemen still uncertain. Brexit and the looming French and German elections pose a number of questions about the path forward for the EU. Venezuela’s economy is on the verge of collapse, and Dilma Rousseff has been removed from the Presidency of Brazil.

I can’t predict how things will develop in the coming year, but I can promise that our staff will be present throughout each and every event. Our goal is to provide a space for discussion of international events that we feel is not yet present in other student-run publications at McGill. We are not a news source, but neither are we an academic journal. Instead, we exist between the two, publishing daily articles that offer varied opinions and views on a wide spectrum of topics in the hopes of facilitating discussion and fostering understanding within the McGill community.

This year, we’ve made a number of changes. Firstly, and perhaps more obviously, is the updated website, which should be both easier to browse through and read. Secondly, behind the scenes we’ve greatly expanded the staff to almost double our size last year, and restructured the media team in an effort to provide our readership with a constant flow of articles and multimedia projects.

On that note, I’d like to welcome you to the 2016-2017 edition of The McGill International Review’s online edition. I hope you’ll join us for the course of what will no doubt prove to be a momentous year.


  • Dylan Lamberti, Editor-in-Chief