When Capitalism Gets You Down, Just Tune into some Labour Tunes

Living in a world surrounded by capitalism can be overwhelming sometimes. With all the neoliberals running amok, oppresed workers everywhere and economic injustice as far as the eye can see it’s easy to see how capitalism can get ya down. Music has been a good way for labour activists to animate their activities and folk music was a great way for them to do it. Through struggle, great stories and music have been created. The revolution might not come for a while unfortunately, but until then Vice made a small list of a couple of tunes you can listen to to lift that good ole lefty, commie, socialist soul of yours:

A good list suprisingly but here’s also some that they forgot:

Solidarity Forever – Pete Seeger :

L’Internationale – Sung by Pete Seeger (in French):


Union Burying Ground – Woody Guthrie:

Dump the Bosses Off Your Back – Sung by Anne Feeney:


Links on the Chain – Phil Ochs