The Winners of the 2019-2020 MIR Awards

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for the 2019-2020 MIR Awards. From all of us at the McGill International Review, we appreciate your continued support.

Congratulations to all the winners! – MIR Editorial Board, 2019-2020

MVP Writer – Maria Laura Chobadindegui

MVP Editor – Gracie Webb

Article of the Year – Le Québec devrait-il décriminaliser toutes les drogues? par Maria Laura Chobadindegui

Best Commentary – Op-Ed: Words Matter by Sarah Farb

Best Editorial Feature –  The Death of al-Baghdadi and the American Glorification of Violence by Rebecka Eriksdotter Pieder

Best Feature: Environment –  The World’s Most Unbreathable City by Aleza Waheed

Best Feature: Foreign Policy & IR – Europe et États-Unis: je t’aime moi non plus. par Driss Zeghari

Best Feature: Health – Understanding America’s Racial Healthcare Crisis by Devanshi Bhangle

Best Feature: Culture – Cyclical Poverty and Class Solidarity in Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite by Ximena Ramirez Villanueva

Best Feature: Technology – Huawei 5G: Trapped in an Olive Branch by Naomi Shi

Best Feature: Middle East – The Path to Power: Israel’s Fight for Energy Hegemony in Gaza by Gideon Salutin

Best Feature: North America – The Billionaire Candidacies by Jacob Lokash

Best Feature: South America – From Indigenous Icon to Political Exile: The Downfall of Evo Morales and Indigenous Mobilization in Bolivia by Teresa Tolo

Best Feature: East and Southeast Asia – Race and Population: Japan’s Economic Timebombs by Gideon Salutin

Best Feature: Europe – Labour’s Love Lost: The Party’s Unsure Path Post-Corbyn by Giordano Baratta

Best Feature: Africa – One Day in Luanda by Anja Helliot

Best Video Feature – Blackout: Journalism on Trial in the Philippines by Camille Point & Alec Regino

Best Podcast – Clarifications Surrounding McGill’s Response to COVID 19 by Bilal Virji